Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What time should I arrive for my sunset tour? 

A: Please plan to arrive 2 hours and 30 minutes before the sun is scheduled to set on the date of your tour. Click here to see a list of times to arrive. 

Q: What should I wear kayaking or SUPing?

A: We suggest wearing shorts and a t-shirt that you don't mind getting wet. You are welcome to wear footwear of your choice or go barefoot. We recommend bringing a change of clothes incase you get wet while you are paddling.

Q: It is my first time kayaking, are your tours beginner friendly?

A: Our canal tour is our most beginner friendly outing. We offer this outing at sunset and on Sunday mornings.

Q: Can I paddle to Belle Isle from your location?

A: Yes, from our location a trip to the MacArthur bridge and back takes about 3-3.5 hours.

Q: I have my own Kayak, Can I launch from your location?

A: Yes, you can launch from our location at any time. If we are launching a tour or getting renters in or out of the water, please wait until we are finished before using the dock.

q: Is there a place to change clothes?

A: Yes, we have two restrooms on site that you can use for changing.

q: What time should I arrive for my tour?

A: If you have booked a sunset tour, please click here.

q: Can we drink alcohol while we are kayaking?



q: Age limits re: children



q: Can we bring our dog?



Q: What are your rental hours?

A: Click here to see our rental hours.

Q: Do you take reservations for rentals?


Q: is there a time limit for rentals?

A: You must return all equipment by the time we close on the day of your rental. Closing time will be specified to you by our staff.

Q: are there rental boundaries?


q: Will I fall in the water?



Q: Should I be worried about the cleanliness of the Detroit River?



q: Can I paddle to canada from your location?



q: Can I fish out of your rental kayaks?



Q: is it safe to bring my cell phone on the water?